A big thank you to everyone that attended Bijoya on October 28th. Over 100 people were in attendance and we hope that everyone had an enjoyable time, celebrating our tradition with good food, cultural program, and adda.

Thank you to our dear adult students- Abhinabha, Oindrilla, and Debolina for the amazing medley of songs, Soumi for the organizing the children’s recitations, Poulomi for facilitating the children’s dance, and Prithwi for directing the natok. Thanks to all our participants, and a special shout out to the participants of the natok team for staging such an outstanding theatrical presentation in a minimalist, intimate theatre format, without proper props, equipment, or even a formal stage;

Thank you Adi, Anushka, Aneesh, and Atri for your help with the set up, clean up, wrap up, and many activities during the event- we are very proud of our outstanding young leaders;

Thanks again to Sandeep Bhowmick and Saurav Saha for your assistance with sound;

Thank you Sudip, Arnab, and Barnali for helping us immensely by being first responders to the emergency in the kitchen;

Thank you Tuhina, Soumi, Poulomi, Rimi, Sharmi, Soma, Haimanti, for helping us serve food;

Thanks to Sudip, Sharmi, Binoy, Nandita, Tuhina, Arnab and Arnab, for helping us with cleaning up and wrapping up.

As all of you who attended know, we had an unfortunate setback; we remain very thankful that with help from several people we were able to put timely interventions in place. BAI is a community organization  and we very much appreciate you remembering that we count on everyone’s cooperation and collaboration to pull the events through successfully.

We are delighted to report that the majority people who RSVPed, attended Bijoya- a big thank you!!! Having said that, we have been tracking a few people who consistently RSVP and then don’t show up, without any explanation. We have sent repeated communications about this, and at this time we have decided to take their names off of the invitation list for future BAI facilitated events. The intent is not to offend anyone, but to be efficient- we are sure that you will understand and support that we cannot continue to condone irresponsible RSVPing, as it directly leads to excessive food orders and irresponsible spending of public money.

Additionally, our records indicate that we are missing a few payments, and would much appreciate if the individuals/families who may have missed paying at the event, contact our treasurer Sukanta Majumdar and make the payment ASAP. We will be working on reconciliation of accounts next weekend, and would much appreciate receiving all due payments by that time.

The next BAI event will be celebration of Saraswati Puja in early 2018. We are working on finalizing the date and venue, and will send out an invite with relevant details ASAP. 

Best regards,

Executive Committee 

Bengali Association of Indiana
A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization, Tax ID # 27-2403399
3961 Rowlett Pl
Carmel, IN 46074
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