Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all of you who attendedSaraswatiPujo facilitated by the Bengali Association of Indiana on Sunday, February 10th, 2019.

·      A big Thank You to our two priests – Subir Chakrabarti da & Anirban Banerjee. Also to Tuhina Chakrabarti, Barnali Dasgupta, Poulami Ghosh, Madhurima Banerjee, and many others for Pujo preparations and prasad distribution. EC Secretary Ranajoy Majumdar did the pujo shopping.

·      Another Thank you to Sonali Majumdar, Rimi Saha, Debamita Banerjee, Poulomi Ghosh, and Soma Dey, for yet another round of beautiful and unique decoration of the pujo area. 

·      Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with serving food

·      Thank you to Ritwik Bag for manning the registration desk. EC Secretary Madhurima Banerjee facilitated a smooth registration process

·      A big Thank You to Anushka Dasgupta and the BAI Youth team for making blankets on-site with a charitable goal- very impressive! All teenagers and children who have helped are requested to send their volunteering hours to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.within the next ten days to claim their hours.

·      Thank you to the adults and children who participated in the dance and cultural program. Thanks to Soumi Mukhopadhyay and Kuhely Dey for coordinating, and Asim Dey for his huge help with the sound system.

·      Special thanks to our graduate students for their live participation!

·      Several community members assisted with setup the previous day and clean up after the event- special thanks to Arup Roy

·      Thank You, all the sweet participants of the second 'Boshe Aanko' competition. We very much enjoyed the talents of our budding artists! EC Secretary Madhuchhanda Mandal, facilitated the event.

·      Thanks to everyone who provided us with their feedback that they enjoyed the food prepared by Ram, from Dhaba Indy.

·      EC VP Saumyadip Dasgupta and Barnali Dasgupta sourced and sponsored the ambrosial taalshansh sandesh. 

·      EC President Anushree Bag presented a financial summary to the community and provided an update on the nomination process. Thank you to all who provided their nominations. Pursuant to our announcement, ONLY nominations with names of the nominators on them will be accepted, with ONLY one nomination per nominator. The nominating committee will strictly follow process, and as such several nominations had to be discarded because there were no names on them. If you would like to make a nomination and haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so, please submit with an email to 

·      EC Treasurer Sukanta Majumdar was absent at the event because of a hard professional conflict, but he helped the night before and behind the scenes, to facilitate smooth operations at the event.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Baisakhi celebration on April 13th. We have started working hard to ensure that it will be a stellar event, complete with a fabulous performance by an out of state musical band. We will share details soon. 

Best regards,

Executive Committee


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